Extraordinary Within the Ordinary (Gallery China)

Time flies by, as is the nature of anything in this universe with high intrinsic worth… Flying by in a flash – so was a humming-bird-like insect that flashed before my camera lense the other day, fluttering about the golden-indigo display of daisies within the compounds of central Beijing’s Temple of Heaven (Tiantan). Perhaps  just an elegantly-evolved moth (any etymologists out there, do enlighten me), it seized my attention away from the bees, oblivious to my telescopic window extending for a closer peak at the nectar feast… Continue reading

Gallery: Phuket International School U-13 Football Matches, 2018 September

PHUKET, THAILAND: Below is a photo gallery with highlights from several Under-13 football (soccer) matches between the island’s main international schools in September, 2018. The schools include Kajonkiet International School Phuket (the KISP ‘Hawks’ in blue kits); Headstart International School (the HS ‘Panthers’ in dark blue and yellow kits), British International School Phuket (the BISP ‘Tigers’ in dark blue, white and orange kits) United World College Thailand (UWCT in green and blue kits) and newcomers to the international school sporting scene, Berda Claude International School (BCIS in white shirt / blue short kits). Note the only other fully accredited international school in Phuket that is not represented in these matches, photos is QSI International. 

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Photo Update: Van and Land Progress

Don’t really got the mind space to do a full audio, video or written update, but I do have a bunch of photos from the past month. A lot is going on at work these days and I’m in the middle of big deadline before the Thai new year break 2nd week of April. Nonetheless, here’s a flash update since my last one:What’s new? got me the ol’ van sorted; new suspension, tyres, and did some repairs with some local help, security guards, Gop and Boy (gave them a little spending money to help me replace mile sensor gauge as the speedometer/odometer was broken, as well as replaced one of the real light bulbs); after installing the 150 watt solar power with a wooden framework to support the install (roof is not fully flat so needed the framework to keep ‘er sturdy), drove her down to Phuket, took my time for the drive a few days, giving me the chance to camp in her a few nights, first at my prospective land in Prachuap, then at Laem Son National Park in Ranong, where I met two Thai campers; got down to Phuket and worked for 10 days, in my free time, started working on the inside of the van with the boy, built a simple stowage shelf and installed some insulation on the roof;… In sum, there is some good progress but only so many hours in a day; will do a proper update in the near future when I get the mind space. For now, enjoy some pics.

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Marching on in 2018: Podcast Confessions

In this monologue stream:

  1. New Love Confessions
  2. Vanlife and land starts in Prachuap
  3. Dream of chocolate cake with Sophia
  4. Past few weeks
    – Phuket & Bkk
    – Seeing the stars, trash and beach bitches
  5.  Next few weeks…

Tune in now:

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Two Matches, Three Goals, Two Wins: KIS Phuket in Headstart, UWC Friendlies

On Sunday, January 28, 2018, at Headstart International School Phuket’s shaded football turf, KIS Under 13 Boys team won both of its two friendly matches, against its counterparts from United World College Thailand (2-0) and Headstart International School (1-0). Scoring all three goals for the KIS Hawks U13 squad was 11-year-old Naret Django Layne. Headstart won its match against UWC, 2-0. Following are some highlights from the matches. Disclaimer, these photos are private. All photos are copyright of the photographer, Steven W. Layne. Fair use without permission is permitted to any athlete portrayed in photo, or his/her parent(s) / legal guardian(s). Commercial use by any other third party is not permitted without written permission from the copyright owner. ©Siamerican.com 2018.  (Most photos from U13 matches, a few snaps from U11) Continue reading

Podcast 2018 Jan 24-25

In this podcast:

    • Bangkok to Phuket and back: anticipating Remote Work & Increased Commute
    • Camping on the weekends
    • Mini cargo truck RV conversion: All-in-one lifestyle solution (commute, sleep, cook, work, build, harvest, store, save)
    • Nakhon Sawan, Lopburi and Prachuap survey updates
    • Weighing and comparing advantages and disadvantages
    • Seclusion vs Security
    • Sustenance, Sustainable & Savvy Perceptions & Strategies

Or download the mp3 file here.

Thai Podcast: 2018 January 13-14

สวัสดีครับเพื่อนๆพี่ๆน้องๆฝาก เสัยงบันทึกประจำครับ


  • ถูกถามบ่อยมากว่า ทำไมฝรั่งชอบคนดำ ทำไมฝรั่งชอบคนอีสาร…คำตอบมีสามระดับ ลองฟังดูคำตอบครับ
  • แปลนสำหรับเสาร์อาทิตย์นี้
  • สามจังหวัด สามอำเภอ
  • ขับรถหลายร้อยกีโลที่เดี่ยว จะ นอนที่ไหนหล่ะ
  • แล้วทำไมต้องไปที่นั้นอ่ะ