KIS Phuket, Kajonkiet Pattana, YFH football matches: 2017 March 3, 4

On March 3 and 4, Kajonkiet International School, led by Coach Ricardo (Portugal) hosted football matches, Under 11 and Under 9 age groups, on Mar 3 vs Kajonkiet Pattana School, and on March 4 vs. Youth Football Home squads. Below is a gallery of photos taken with a Nikon V1, 10-30mm lens.


High up on the heart of the angels’ city: Baiyoke towers & Pratunam, Bangkok

Been quiet around here lately… Forgive the hiatus on this quiet little blog as [I learn how to] save the world, or at least my world… Here’s a few photos of a recent weekend in one of the most congested neighborhoods in central Bangkok: Pratunam, where Baiyoke I and II towers are located, the latter of which had reigned as Thailand’s tallest tower for decades (up until only recently with the finishing — well they’re still putting final touches on — of Maha Nakhon Tower). Photos taken with a Nikon V1, with a VR 10-30mm lens by Steven W. Layne. All rights reserved. Continue reading


Cycling through the klong communities of northern BKK

chat Siamerican Soulawynne: 

ก่อนทีไปเกาหรีใต้อาทิตย์ที่แล้ว ได้ฝากรถที่อู่แห่งหนึ่งแถวดอนเมืองเพื่อเคาะและทำสีใหม่ด้านหนึ่งและฝากพี่เค้าไปต่อภาษีให้ผมอีกเนืองจากจะไม่ค่อยมีเวลาทำเองในช่วงเวลาทำการของราชกาล เมือวานรถก็เสร็จแล้วนัดไปรับที่อู่ ตื่นมาก็ขี้เกียจนั่งรถแทกซี้หรือรถเมล์เลยดูทางในแผนที่ปั่นจัรยานไปเอง เห็นทางเดินเส้นหนึ่งที่แอ๊ปแนะนำก็ประมาญ 14 กีโลเมตรซึ่งเส้นทางนี้ก็ไปในเส้นหลักประมาณครึ่งหนึ่ง คือถนนพโหลโยทิน…อีกครึ่งหนึ่งก็ไปตามถนนเล็กเรียบคลองในหมู่บ้านชุมชนเรียบแนวคลองไปยาว…ก็มีเสนห์อีกอย่างหนึ่ง ถึงแม้ว่าคลองก็เขียวดำเต็มไปด้วยขยะแต่บัญญากาศสงบโดยไม่ค่อยมีรถอะไรมากมายเหมือนในเส้นหลัก ตามในรูปด้านล้างครับ


Reflections of Korea: Autumn in Incheon



Based on comments from colleagues and associates in South Korea, I was expecting the weather to be chilly. Located at about the 37th lateral north of the equator, Incheon does get some snow in the winters, and with another solar minimum upon us and all, and November being close enough to winter, cool weather was to be expected. Nonetheless, I believed in my two upper-body winter-wear articles of clothing, both of which had been purchased in tropical Phuket; a pea green sweater purchased weeks ago at H&M, Central Festival and the grass-green windbreaker-coat I got from Phuket’s premium outlet mall back in 2012, proved more than sufficient for Incheon’s autumn.  Continue reading

Survive first week back in Bangkok, check!

That’s right folks, I’m still alive and ready to take on week two now.

My bicycle on a pedestrian bridge overlooking a busy Ngamwongwan Road in central Bangkok. Photo: Steven Layne

My bicycle on a pedestrian bridge overlooking a busy Ngamwongwan Road in central Bangkok. Photo: Steven Layne

Wait, when, what? Back in Bangkok? …Rewind for a brief explanation of the title of this post. I realize anyone following this blog, but not following me on social media, may be caught by surprise.
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Sign petition against romanticizing rape on Thai soap operas

Cleaning out his inbox this evening (July 29, 2016), The Siamerican came across an email from publicizing an ongoing campaign targeting violence and rape on Thai soap operas. (Scroll to bottom for link to sign an online petition to stop prime time Thai TV portraying rape as ‘normal behavior’)

A rape scene, which is not too uncommon on Thai TV.

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[VIDEO] Experiment: Attaching a surfboard to inflatable kayak hull to improve rigidness, ocean performance

After acquiring a cheap, used short-board online, I got the idea to try and improve my inflatable kayak’s on-water performance out off Phuket’s shores, by attaching the surfboard to the bottom of the kayak’s hull, which is a nylon shell wrapped around an inflated bladder, reinforced with buoyant, rigid material inside. (Scroll down for video).

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Happy Songkran 2559: Thai New Year 2016

It’s been a while since I updated this space, but better late than never. Any who, today, Wednesday, April 13 marks the traditional Thai New Year – Songkran Day. Many folks throughout the Kingdom of Thailand today are out and about cooling off, taking part in water fights, splashing about on the streets, if not taking a dip in the rivers or oceans. Not me, though. I’ll head out to have dinner and drinks with family later, but all day I’ve been at home playing with my inflatable kayak, figuring out how I will attach a used surfboard I picked up, along with a center piece, or perhaps a transom, that I can attach an electric trolling motor to eventually.

When that project progresses, I shall update you here. Meanwhile, here’s a gallery of a recent day out with a few friends, each in their 60s: A super healthy lunch with Chef Barry Anderson and radio colleague Marque Rome, followed by a trip to visit a Thai Friend, Khun Jieb, at Makham Bay on the southeastern part of the island, who lives with a sea otter.

Stories are being written about this day, and will update y’all at a later date.