2010 comes to an end: Behold 2011 New Beginnings

The final day of 2010 C.E. / 2553 B.E. has arrived; I’ve been pushing this grand update to the bottom of the bulging mountain pile of ‘things to do before the year’s end,’ and as the year is due to expire in less than fifteen hours, the procrastination limit has reached its capacity—the time has come to reflect on the year & then some behind me.The golden tiger year has been a grand one at that, marking the final stages of this phase in life which has occupied my focus and will for the better part of the second common era millennium since the Crucifixion of one Roman-defying martyred Jew.

Just over a week and a half ago, on the 21st and 22nd, I completed my final four final examinations as an undergrad of Bangkok University International College; assuming such written exams for the courses of Critical Analysis of Messages, Conflict & Negotiation, Writing for Public Information, and Political Communication haven’t been compromised by the proctor to professor chain (apparently it has happened to some unfortunate soul in the past), that means I’ve finally completed all the 130 credit hour coursework for my long fought & sought after Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts over a total of nine semesters between 2003 to 2004 and 2008 to 2010. Once all is officially confirmed sometime between mid-January to March next year, (pending final score/grade point announcements and University Board of Trustees approval), I’ll finally be able to move on to ‘bigger fish to fry.’

Before I get carried away with such future planning and projections, lets get back to 2010 reflections in rewind retrospect: November saw the passing of my Thai half brother of the same mother which was particularly difficult for my conscience, knowing he had been fond of me, often calling on me to visit him in his country side dwelling, though I had neglected him in his final months due to my own preoccupation with work, studies and personal life. If anything, I’m left with a will of purification from this guilt to strive for a better future for my immediate family including my own son, nieces and nephews in USA & Thailand.

This in fact is my fifth visit to Phuket this year, the other visits were in October, July, April and early in January following the New Year. Focused on my studies, and not to mention income/tuition bearing responsibilities in the capital with my young son rapidly growing up living with his mom and relatives on Thailand’s largest island, this has been my regular routine to/fro between Bangkok and Phuket some five times a year.

2010 shall have been the last such year of routine as my purpose in Bangkok is no longer binding. After next month of finalizing my plans for the White Metal Year of the Rabbit that is 2011, I’ll be glad to finally move on from its urban conglomerate traffic, congestion and craziness.

For those wondering about my brachial plexus injury recovery approaching the second year since my awakening via accident, the slog is coming along gradually. With clenched fist, I’m able to curl my bicep  up to my chest and hold it there. Though I still can not extend my arm far out away from my body, nor lift it much further than 40-45 degree angle in front of me, yet improvements and strengthening of my bicep, triceps, shoulder and even deltoids have not ceased. My left hand use has not been made redundant, as I continue to pump out tens of thousands of words on the keyboard every month; ukulele playing continues to feed music to my soul while strengthening my grip and chord formation abilities.

As far as tuition and family responsibilities for 2010, I taught in two primary schools (feel free to back track through this blog), and started a new project involving translating and writing novels of travel content every month for an upcoming Thailand travel website, the latter which I’m still working on for at least the next several months as I gradually read and write about, completing each of the thousands of destinations—temples, national parks, museums, waterfalls, beaches, islands, sanctuaries, historical ruins, excavation sites, hills, mountains, forests, caves, attraction villages, project foundations, shopping districts, and public parks—spread all across every province of Thailand.

And so life continues. According to this reference, 2011 shall be the year of the White Metal Rabbit—of which deeds of hard work and devotion towards family shall be rewarding; That is exactly how I plan to utilize the year. As my plans formulate into more concrete actions and itineraries, I shall update the Siamerican rightfully and speedily. Without saying and revealing too much prematurely, expect a return to the stateside early in the year, after seven years without ever having left Thailand since arriving back here on New Years day, 2004. On a final note to this entry, may all readers including the author continue to be mindful, humble and conscious of our limited time on this planet, realizing the meaning of those who passed before us in order to continue to strive forward with our heads high, though not to high as to lose ground with reality. Godspeed or whichever equivalent you prefer !


2010 comes to an end: Behold 2011 New Beginnings — 4 Comments

  1. its a beautiful way to remember the year that will be. Steve, it has touched me in a very profound way. i wish u all the happiness, sucess and joy that life can offer.

    p.s: i am still up to kidnap ur cuteness of a son. 🙂

  2. Your will and and determination have paid off…you are an inspiration who deserves what I hope will be plentiful blessings for 2011…Cheers to the next chapter of your life!

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