Economic turmoil slows/halts data work

The economic turmoil in the US has dictated that current (stressful) business operations regarding Commercial and Industrial Database building/address collecting must halt as his California based, mother company has halted its National Expansion program for the time being, and indefinitely until further notice.

This is the first wave of world Economic turmoil has directly affected the Siamerican Wanderer and all those who have diligently been working under him. The good news is stress levels regarding remote team management can temporarily go down. The bad news is the future is yet again, unclear.

To adapt to the cards thrown, the Siamerican is considering finding some part time teaching work soon to pick up the slack. His employer/benefactor assures that there will still be other work for the SW to do for the company during these hard times, but the extent of it is currently unclear. Cloudy days await in the near future for many, including the Siamerican Wanderer.

Stay tuned…


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  1. Update!!!

    The following month of November, the SW committed to an English camp, just prior to finding out his new responsibilities for the company. For the coming months, his primary responsibility will be regarding graphics and IT for the company website, continuing to gratefully receive living-child support stipend and university tuition reimbursement!

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